The great unification as Facebook plans to merge Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram

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Something that has been described by many experts as what will change how things are done on the Internet ranging from businesses, technology and interaction as Facebook the parent company of Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram plans to merge these services.

According to New York Times, the tech and social media giant will unify Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram and become one solution but can still stand as different product as per choice of user.

What this means is that, if I have Whatsapp but don’t have Instagram or Messenger, I can still interact with friends on Messenger or Instagram. This means, users will have cross platform access to other platforms of choice.

This is a great deal for Facebook as it will make its other platforms more engaged and pollinate opportunities across Facebook planet.

Dear entrepreneur, this is the best time to start planning how to use Facebook messaging platform to drive your business as this will disrupt the world.

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