Tesla Coming to Nigeria, the end of Electricity Problem, welcome Elon Musk

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TESLA, a USA based Electric Automobile and Renewable and Clean Energy manufacturer is set to enter Nigeria’s energy market with the Powerwall package.

Electricity Consumer Group in Nigeria, have raised concerns over the state of power distribution companies(DisCos). DisCos have been accused of estimated billing, exploitation, and unsustainable tariffs after 5 years of power sector privatization from the Nigerian government.

Many industries and household consumers are complaining about the services provided to them by DisCos, and it is believed that TESLA batteries could be a solution to this. TESLA, a United States electric carmaker and clean-energy company will introduce batteries that can power homes and businesses in Nigeria. This would allow consumers’ in remote areas not on a power grid access to energy and a more stabilized energy source.

Will this work in Nigeria? That is the question in the lips of electricity consumers in Nigeria. Will the government support this with zero tax? Will the cabal let this work? Do Elon Musk understands Nigeria market and Nigerians as people.

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As far as it is, this is a welcome development. We hope it works and all our sorrow gone.

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