Give it a shot

Give it a shot

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Happy new year to our readers and partners. This is our first post in this year 2019, we have been facing some internal challenges which we have been able to resolve. We want to appreciate all our readers, partners and love ones for their choice of StackPreneur, checking on us when they did not see any of our posts. We want to say big thanks to you all.

Give it a shot

The fact that we have failed in some aspects does not mean that is the end. In fact, that should be another reason to start again. A determined mind never count failures, they only know about success.

Have you ever failed in 2018, in fact were you a perceptual failure, then give it another shot. Success don’t appear from the sky or is not friendly to the failing heart, it succumb to the determined mind.

So, review yourself and see where your shots were not enough or too small, then hit it hard this time. Give it your best shots.

I told you a story how I got admitted to yCombinator Startup school, this is a typical example of hitting it hard and anything can happen.

Bring out those proposals again and resubmit. Your table is full of proposals that are not submitted, come on brad, this is the time to resubmit them and hit it hard.

Pick up those email addresses and resend those emails. Yes, it was rejected initially and I know how you felt. But this time, resubmit it, hit it hard. Never stop submitting until you get the response you want.

You have been applying for fund for your startup or business, you have been discouraged of applying because of rejection. Rejection is normal stuff and part of life, go and reapply. In fact Tony Elumelu Foundation grant application is on, so start your hitting from there.

There is no crime in trying. You won’t die trying and not trying don’t mean you won’t die. So, try it again, hit it hard with right strategies and from different angle.

I’m very sure, you will have testimonies of success this year. Congratulations.

Happy new year once again.

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