e-Commerce is no go area in Africa

e-Commerce is no go area in Africa

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Just this evening, a renowned Professor, Ndubuisi Ekekwe, not just a Professor, he is a business guru and tech expert. He wrote on his Linkedin talking about e-commerce in Africa.

He was quoted saying “avoid e-commerce business venture in Africa.” At least for now, eCommerce in Africa is no go area.

Unknown to the Professor, gloo.ng has already announced shutting down their eCommerce venture days after Dealdey announced their closure.

Gloo, one of the “most successful”, and well known eCommerce companies in Nigeria is shutting down few days after DealDey gave up too. Many eCommerce businesses died in the last years and we have not heard about their resurrection.

I think the warning of Professor Ndubusi Ekekwe should be taken seriously by African entrepreneurs if they don’t want to waste their time and resources in setting up eCommerce business in Africa.

The CEO and Founder of Gloo.ng, Olumide Olusanya who announced the shutting down of his eCommerce venture was caught saying they will be launching another business which they have been planning 18 months ago. This means gloo.ng has already died 18 months ago, they just announced its burial yesterday.

He was quoted saying “there is no need for strong eCommerce business in the sub-Saharan Africa.” This is another pointer to what Professor Ndubuisi has said.

eCommerce is beyond beautiful and responsive website, any eCommerce venture that is not getting logistic and other key aspects right in Africa will eventually die. The business environment, Africa is a case study on its own.

So, entrepreneurs should take this serious and if at all eCommerce is their dream, they should do their home work well. You may be seeing what others are not seeing.

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