5 simple ways to generate testimonials for business website

5 simple ways to generate testimonials for business website

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Testimonial is very important when setting up business website. Testimonial is a form of expression of satisfaction by your clients. Testimonials are not copy and paste content, testimonials must be got originally. In this post, I will write about 5 simple ways to generate business website testimonial.

As a web developer, I have discovered that business owners don’t know how to generate unique business website testimonial. So, the following ways are simple method to gather testimonial from clients or customers.


Customers do express their satisfaction verbally when a product or service meet their needs. So, as the producer of the good product or service, it is very important you take note of the words they use to express their satisfaction. Also, business website testimonial is not only about expressing satisfaction, the client’s name, position and the company is very important.


This is applicable to especially online business owners. Most business transactions are executed through chats. So, the exact words used by clients to express their satisfaction are good points for testimonials.


Customers have different level of satisfaction. You can ask from the ones that are happy with your product or service to write a comment about their satisfaction.


Social Media can be a very nice place to gather testimonials for website. Customers are fond of expressing their satisfaction or dissatisfaction on social media especially on the handles of the said products or services. Scroll through your social media pages and extract nice testimonial.


A google form or any other survey software can be used to gather testimonial from customers. Create a form and send to clients to express their satisfaction about your products or services.

So, those are the simple ways to go about getting testimonial for your website. Try it out and use the comment box to express your satisfaction about this post. That is my own way of getting testimonial too .. Lol

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