What to know about TEFConnect by Tony Elumelu

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Africa’s leading entrepreneurship focused philanthropy organisation, The Tony Elumelu Foundation, is launching the world’s largest digital platform for African entrepreneurs and the African entrepreneurship ecosystem – TEFConnect.

Harnessing and building on the success of Africa’s largest entrepreneurship catalyst, the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme, which has attracted over 300,000 African entrepreneurs as applicants and trained and funded 4,460 to date, the Foundation is further democratising access to opportunity within the Africa’s space and beyond.

TEFConnect is an open source platform, which will provide bespoke tools and content to catalyse business development for millions across the continent, through technology and directly applicable content.

Double as the “Facebook for African Entrepreneurs”, the TEFConnect platform is a contemporary, intuitive, informative and user-friendly go-to entrepreneurship space, that provides five specific benefits to its users, among others:

  • The one-stop digital home for entrepreneurship ecosystem players,
    including entrepreneurs, incubators, investors, academia and the
    private sector, providing news, informative resources, entrepreneurship
    events and opportunities.
  • Creating the space to allow African entrepreneurs to transact across
    countries and regions in Africa’s largest digital marketplace, with traffic
    reaching millions of consumers.
  • Access to free business tools such as financial planning calculators,
    business plan generators and marketing templates.
  • Access to the Foundation’s Entrepreneurship Programme Application
    Form, Enterprise Toolkit and business mentoring by global business
  • Enabling entrepreneurs to promote their businesses to potential investors
    and other entrepreneurs for cross-border collaboration.
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