Best Nigeria Cloud Based Accounting Software for small businesses and startups in Nigeria

Best Nigeria Cloud Based Accounting Software for small businesses and startups in Nigeria

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These are collections of the best accounting software that you can use to manage your small, medium business. They all have their own unique features ranging from invoice, book keeping, tax management etc.

Best Nigeria Cloud Based Accounting Software. These are software companies from Nigeria, so we highly recommend you try any of them.


This comes first because of the uniqueness of the services they offer. It is a cloud based financial company that take the burden of all your accounting solutions while you focus on your sales and business. They assign a whole professional accountant to your business which reduces the cost of you hiring an accountant. Goto to Accounteer


I personally love everything about Paystack. I use to recommend them to lot of people because of their unique services. Anyway Paystack is a financial company that makes it easy for businesses to accept payment from their clients. So, one unique thing that we are looking at is the aspect of invoice creation and insight. So, if you are looking at creating invoice for your customers to accept payment, Paystack will a good try too. Goto Paystack

INVOICE.NG is a completely simplify basic accounting tasks for non-accounting professionals. This way, you don’t have to know all the accounting buzzwords to be able to keep your financial books in order. Their services range from invoicing, record keeping, analysis, tax etc. Goto


SageOne is a reputable brand that has been thriving in the market of accounting services. Their uniqueness is their strong presence in Africa and Nigeria is not left out. They provide invoicing, accounting and payroll services.

Goto to SageOne.Ng





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