5 smart reasons you are having bad sales

5 smart reasons you are having bad sales

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Entrepreneurs are bunch of innovative and creative dudes all over the globe looking for problems that need solution. We can’t shy away from the fact that the world is full of challenges and serious problems. These problems need creative solutions and you are providing the solutions.

So, despite your hard work in developing a solution into a product, you are not making sales. Why? These are the 5 smart reasons you having bad sales.


Yes! Your idea is beautiful and sound. In fact, it gladdens your heart that you start to work on it. But have you asked yourself who needs the solution? Have you even asked yourself, do you personally have that problem and your solution is addressing it? Those days when we are writing project in school, you will hear project title like Synthetic Approach to the Algorithmic Philosophy of the Sun. Now, look at that, who needs this kind of solution? Definitely, if a kind of this solution is deployed to the market, it will be difficult to make sales.


If you product is not badly needed, making sales will be challenging. There pressing problems that even a crappy solution will spread like fire. Even if your UI is crappy or you have a bad design or all what your solution uses is gmail to deliver, if it is badly needed and people thirsty for it, it will sell fast.


If you are building high-end mobile device like iPhone for the petty traders, then you are definitely on your own. And if you  are producing sachet water for the first class citizens, no matter your marketing strategy, sales cannot be guarantee because your target market is wrong. Be aware of the fact that mobile app is no no for artisans, don’t try it.


Imagine you are targeting farmers that work majorly in the farm everyday and night and your marketing means is Twitter or Facebook ads. That is a wrong marketing strategy. Your marketing should address the core ways to reach your target market. If your market targets use  radio to source for information and you are giving them Facebook ads, it won’t work.


The fact that your product is not new in the market is another reason why you are not making sales. Why will people leave out pool of choices from the existing and recognized brands to your newbie in the market product? It is innovation. What is your product doing differently from the ones already in the market? What is the competitive advantage? Is it quality? Price? Creativity? There must be a reason why the existing product must be dump for your own new product. So, innovate.

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