5 reasons I want you to steal my idea

5 reasons I want you to steal my idea

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You know what, please don’t steal my laptop, that is my real baby. Don’t steal my name or my identity either because I have my name to protect and my integrity to defend.
But my ideas, yes, you can! I mean take it away please. You know why, I will tell you five reasons you need to steal my ideas and make it work.

Tell me, who hasn’t stolen before?

You think there is something new about your idea? What is your idea? You wan’t to build a tower that will reach heaven? That is not your idea, you actually steal from the guys at the Babel. There is nothing new, we only steal and reinvent to make a better product. In the tech and business scene, there is always a room for improvement. Check every products in the tech scene especially in the social media and e-commerce, you will always see a better product of the initial idea and that makes the world worth living.

You are smarter

When two people meet on the dance floor, an exchange of ideas takes place. My move, your move. When two people play chess, they each get a little smarter. And when a chef joins another in the kitchen, the unspoken exchange of ideas moves the state of the art forward. So the smarter dude takes the next move and win the game. Thinking and still dreaming about your idea is the dullest moment and you only wake up when the smart guy implement the idea in a jiffy.

You make a better product

With the ability to steal comes a greater responsibility. Not only that you will have a better product than my idea, but a greater responsibility to steal more. Facebook will always be better than any social network because their ability to steal more.

We will have a better world

With Facebook today, we have a better world. Ideas should not just sit in your head, it should bring a change to our world. Imagine Mark Zuckerberg was not smart enough, may be Facebook will still be in his head.

I will be fulfilled and I wise up

Personally, my dream is to be fulfilled in solving problems either by myself or by a troll. When you steal my ideas and you bring it to limelight, then you are a boss.

There is, of course, a difference between stealing and passing off. When you pretend that those taken words are your words, you’re no longer taking an idea — you’re taking an implementation. When you pretend that you are the originator, the original source, and you’re not, you’ve corrupted your work by claiming authorship, when you are merely contributing synthesis. This hurts your reputation as well as the person you stole from, because our society values authorship and origination. http://ideas.ted.com

And also, I will learn the hard way. When you steal my idea and you eventually make something that blows out of it, I will sit up. Think about my life and retrace my step. I may eventually come back to you for partnership or I come up with something better and with determination to make it work.

So, steal my ideas but mind you I won’t make my implementation available to you.
Happy stealing.

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