10 business you can register with N5,000 CAC registration

10 business you can register with N5,000 CAC registration


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Federal Government of Nigeria announced registration of Micro, Small and Medium scale Enterprises will now be able to register their businesses at a jaw dropping CAC registration fee of N5,000 for the next 90 days.

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Now that the opportunity has opened, many people still don’t know the kind of business they can register to utilize this opportunity to their advantage and start a living. So, in this post, I will list 10 businesses that can go with CAC registration fee of N5,000. This post focus on both existing businesses and new businesses that you can start.


Real Estate is one of the business that should consider registering with CAC. Buying and Selling of properties is a very sensitive business that requires CAC registration.


If you have been running a fashion design business and not registered, this is a great opportunity to register. Also, if you are thinking of starting a business, fashion line will be a great idea.


Have you been running Agri-business like rearing of animals, crop, distributing, consulting etc, this is a great opportunity to register your business. One of the reasons being that the Government of the day is very serious about agriculture now. Registering your business can give you edge in case of any opportunity.


If you run online store or you are planning to start, you should consider registering your business with CAC. One of the reasons to do this is that, if you will be accepting payment online from your customers, you may possibly need a corporate account which you can only get with CAC certificate.


If you are running any kind of training center, you should consider registering your business. Some students want to know may be your center is registered before they can settle to be trained there.


Are you adealer of spare parts, motorcycle, electronics etc, you should consider registering your business. Prospective customers tend to trust businesses that are registered with CAC.


Either you have just a single cab or a fleet of vehicles, you should consider registering your business. This make it more corporate and can open more opportunities.


These category of business people don’t think their business need to be registered. Well, any kind of artisan business should be registered with Corporate Affairs Commission.


Register your online business, it is a good idea also.


Yes! All businesses need registration. There are different categories of businesses on CAC website that capture all kind of businesses. So, your business, no matter what you do needs to be registered with CAC.

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