Stop the talking, start the doing

Stop the talking, start the doing

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Many entrepreneurs have not been able to live their dreams because of the talking attitude. Many have a jotter full of great ideas that are capable of disrupting the world. It is true ideas rule the world but ideas executed actually does.

This post will motivate you to stop talking and start doing by showing you those that started without much talk that are ruling the world.


The founders of Google in their whole wildest dream was to build a search engine to crawl information on the Internet. I believe their present limelight was not in the initial plan. All what they did was to build it.


Well, people don’t actually know this guy because he will rather do than talk. The founder of the popular Nairaland started the most visited forum in Nigeria by doing. He built the forum without publicity but the forum now has brought him to lime light.


Those names seem strange right? Yes! You don’t know them because they will rather do than the talk. These guys founded the best hospitality business in the world, AirBNB. They did it rather than just talking talking talking.


I think this name rings a bell in the media and blogging space in Africa. She started it and without many questions a blog that is now one of the most visited website in Nigeria. Of course, what talking does someone who wants to start a blog needs? Started with free blogspot and now a big woman in the media scene. Stop talking, start doing.

I will not want to bore you with a long list, you know them all. What this post is hammering on is that, enough of  the talking, start doing.


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