How to be self taught in everything you desire to know

How to be self taught in everything you desire to know

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In the twenty first century as it is properly known, the illiterates will be those that can’t learn on their own. Yes! you heard me right.

The world is now so structured that you have access to every information at the tip of your fingers. Let me shock you, do you know there is a step by step tutorials to make car, computer, drone etc? Yes! they are everywhere on the internet. So this post focuses on how to be self taught in anything you desire to learn. To be self taught means to be your own teacher, instructor and get your resources yourself and learn them yourself by doing.


The reason why many consider school or academic environments to self learning is because it will structure their mind to one thing they signed up to learn. But for self learners, there are too many information available which may cause them to lose focus. So to be a self taught, you must have a focus on what exactly you want to learn and have a target.

Let’s take for example, you want to learn Machine Learning, make sure you don’t get any information aside Machine Learning. You can change focus after you are done learning and you get the skill and you build something with it.

Time management is another thing you need to remain focused. Don’t forget, take care of your health while learning.


Research has shown that many people learn what is not selling or useful and this has caused many not to get result they desired. So, if you will be self learning, you must research well and desire what sells.

The world is fast changing and some skills won’t be useful again. In fact, many jobs will be taken by machine in the future, so you need to start learning what will incorporate you to that future. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Critical Thinking, Mind Development, Cognitive thinking etc are some of the skills that will disrupt the future.


There is nothing you want to learn that you won’t get the resources online and in print. I was amazed one day when I searched “How to build a car” with thousands of results rolling out both on Google search and Youtube.

90% of what I know, I learnt them from online resources. One thing that has made thing simpler for me to learn is that I learned them with a focus to get result out of them.

So, get your resources both hard copy and soft copy and start learning. Don’t wait!


Self learning can be tiring even more than the classroom if you are not showing forth what you are learning. Don’t rely on the resources you are learning from, rely on what you do yourself.

I always recommend in programming classes that student should not copy codes, they must type the codes themselves. This trains your mind to do more and adventurous. If  the resources you are using give one example, transform that example into 15 or more different ways.


There are so many self learners out there looking for who to share thought with. So, there is nothing you are learning that someone is not somewhere learning too. So, tell people around what you are learning. Self learning can be buggy, using online communities, forums and blogs can be helpful.


Yes! This is the ultimate goal of learning. You must show something worthwhile after your self taught programme. If you are learning business development, make sure you have a business running after that. That is the evidence you have not wasted your time.

And this must be what you are building starting from the day you start learning so you can get the processes and tricky aspect of what you are learning.


As the popular saying goes “We start dying when we stop learning”. There is no end to learning and resources can never be enough for anything you are learning. Keep learning.

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