Guyman Style Week, first Men Style and Fashion Week in Nigeria happening in Lagos

Guyman Style Week, first Men Style and Fashion Week in Nigeria happening in Lagos

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Guyman Style Week is the first Men Style and Fashion week in Nigeria organised by GuyMan Style. In this exclusive interview with Mr. Teinye Boyle the convener, he expressed optimism about the forthcoming event.

Oluwaseun Babatunde (StackPreneur): Good morning Mr. Boyle. What is expected in the forthcoming Guyman Style Week ?

Teinye Boyle: Good morning, alot is expected of this particular event, being the first of its kind, not to give so much away. I will say expect something different, the style week will showcase over 30 Menswear designers and brands and will welcome buyers, stockists, retailers, the media and the general public to an expo of men’s fashion. There also will be a Fashion Business Talkshow where leading Menswear designers and style influencers will be speaking.

And a Fashion Presentation where young and talented designers will be given a chance to present their latest collections to the world.

Oluwaseun Babatunde (StackPreneur): This is going to be a huge event for Men in Nigeria and the first of its kind. What is expected of the men that want to attend?

Teinye Boyle: To come with a budget lol, because they sure will have a hard time choosing what to buy and who to buy from, the entry to the exhibition is free while entry into Fashion business Talkshow & Fashion Presentation arena will require them registering on

Oluwaseun Babatunde (StackPreneur): Who are the possible brands men will be buying from at the event? And is there any benefit they will enjoy from buying at the event?

Oluwaseun Babatunde (StackPreneur): Men will buy from the likes of Tayo Gabriels, Pendo clothings, Kaelot etc at mad discounted rates. The benefits are limitless as it also serves as a platform that promotes instant sales and networking.

Oluwaseun Babatunde (StackPreneur): Lastly Mr. Boyle, tell the men about the event venue and more…

Teinye Boyle: The event venue is Xovar, it is an exclusive entertainment facility in the heart of the Lekki metropolis, situated right next to the Rock Cathedral. The venue offers free WIFI and sells the best of food and drink brands…. Nigerian men will have a great time shopping and chopping. It is a 3 day event starting from August 31st – September 2ns, 2018.

There will be side attractions too so like i said, they have to come so they experience it themselves.


Oluwaseun Babatunde (StackPreneur): I’m a man na, let me dey pack my bag and bags as I get set to experience it myself… Thank you Mr. Boyle

Teinye Boyle: Thank you for having me.

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