Give it a shot, anything can happen, my YC Startup School experience

Give it a shot, anything can happen, my YC Startup School experience

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I’m inspired to write about this my experience about yCombinator Startup School because of a post I saw on LinkedIn by Kayode Abass. Hmmm!

I just saw the image flying around, it was YC (yCombinator) Startup School admission. I downloaded it and I gave a thumb up to the sender and immediately, I opened the link.

I have known YCombinator for long as a renowned startup funding organisation and they run Startup School. So, I entered my details and send the link to others, I got some thumb ups too.

Fast forward, the unfortunate thing about YC Startup School is that they will only admit 1.5% of applicants no matter the number, the lowest rate in the world.

Few days ago, I opened my email and I got acceptance email to YC Startup School, it was like a dream and I was thinking too that they made mistake of sending acceptance email to me, note it is not inferiority complex.

Well, I patiently read the whole email and instructions to follow next. Only 3,000 out of 15,000 applicants were admitted. I went back to my work and another email came in, guess what, it was a rejection email.

The rejection email specified their email software mistakenly sent acceptance email to the 15,000 applicants which was supposed to be sent to the only 3,000 successful applicants. They apologized, they advised we try again.

You can see my thought was as perfect as perfect itself. Well, I summoned courage and I went back to my work. I didn’t know something was going on at the YC headquarters.

As Kayode Abass said in his LinkedIn post, to fix it and avoid bad PR, YC sent another email to the whole 15,000 applicants again still apologizing for the glitch.

Now, this is the point for YC to have software glitch is kind of impossible. They are a team of experts and hackers that should not have any kind of such error. But to crown the effort of those that tried to apply, the glitch occurred.

So, I’m now telling you to give it a shot, anything can happen. There is no crime in trying. Opening a link and entering your information to things that seem impossible will not cost you anything. Open it, enter your details and submit. Anything can happen.

Be motivated!





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