Apple values $1 Trillion, Facts and Figures

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It is no longer a news that Apple Inc has become the first privately held company to value 1 Trillion dollars in stock value on Thursday 2nd, 2018 following its latest surge after reporting strong quarterly earnings.

Shares of Apple briefly hit $207.05 in late-morning trading, before retreating somewhat. The gains came after the iPhone maker reported strong earnings late Tuesday that prompted a two-day rally in the share price.

The company’s stock was at $205.98, up 2.2 percent near 1555 GMT. Apple said it currently has 4.83 billion shares outstanding.


If you don’t know, Apple Inc can swallow many big companies in the world, check the set of companies in the world that Apple can swallo:

Set 1
1. ExxonMobil – $344.1 Billion
2. Chevron – $248.1 Billion
3. Samsung Electronics – $325.9 Billion
4. Total S.A – $168 Billion

Set 2
1. Procter & Gamble – $184.5 Billion
2. BP – $152.6 Billion
3. Unilever – $155.8 Billion
4. Coca-Cola – $179.3 Billion
5. Bank of China – $158.6 Billion
6. McDonald’s – $129.9 Billion

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Set 3
1. IBM – $132.3 Billion
2. General Electric – $126.8 Billion
3. Philip Morris International – $126.2 Billion
4. Bank of America – $313.5 Billion
5. Walmart – $246.2 Billion

Set 4
1. – $777.8 Billion
2. Toyota Motor – $200.7 Billion

Set 5
1. 3M – $121.8 Billion
2. British American Tobacco – $120 Billion
3. Adobe Systems – $119.1 Billion
4. Royal Bank of Canada – $113.4 Billion
5. Siemens – $112.5 Billion
6. China Merchants Bank – $112.4 Billion
7. AIA Group – $111.4 Billion
8. Nike – $110.3 Billion
9. Honeywell International – $110.1 Billion

Checking companies that Apple can swallow in Africa will make the list infinity, it means 100 of Dangote will still be lost in the value of Apple.


Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak would have had crazy worth if he didn’t sell his shares in the early 90s. Wozniak sold some of his own shares to his friends (at very low prices) because he thought Jobs was being an unfair anal cavity.

So at the end of it, Wozniak was left with fewer shares than Jobs and so made less money than Jobs after the IPO.

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Steve Jobs would have been the richest man on earth if he was still alive. Death has actually robbed Steve Jobs of this milestone but his work speaks every time and that is the purpose of life.

This is indeed a great feat to the Apple family, kudos.

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