Technology meets farming as farmmonie launches Internet of Farm

Technology meets farming as farmmonie launches Internet of Farm

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Farmmonie is launching the Africa’s foremost Internet of Farm, that is leveraging IOT, Big Data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to help farmers grow high value crops all year round with high level of precision thereby guaranteeing large harvest at the least expense

There is vast array of arable land across Africa, with good weather conditions. But times are fasting changing and the weather is turning in opposite direction. As a continent, by 2050 we need to produce more than 70% of the food we currently produce. This calls for radical innovation to help boost farm productivity and get more food to the tables.

At the centre of this, Farmmonie Smart Greenhouse Kit (SGK) launched. Farmmonie is building Africa’s foremost Internet of Farm that leverages advance digital technologies to help farmers optimize their farm operations at the least expense that guarantees huge harvest per hectare all year round.
The Farmmonie SGK is focused on empowering young farmers across borders to grow high value crops in even regions with unfavourable weather conditions since the entire conditions are monitored and controlled to ensure optimum growing conditions for the crops.

With the Farmmonie SGK farmers can automate important routine activities on their farms remotely and communicate with their farms via their mobile phones. They are empowered not to leave anything to guess work and work based on the data from their own farms. We are bringing precision and high level of predictability to farm operations in Africa, which is capable to helping smallholder farmers break out of the cycle of poverty.
We also do not leave our farmers with the technology alone, but we provide them with a comprehensive support that includes helping them to get the right market for their produce and offering them tailored agronomic support. In the nearest future, we will be providing asset financing opportunities.

This innovation is coming at the right time when there is need to grow bigger and fresher produce in order for Nigerians to access healthier and cheaper foods.

Currently Farmmonie SGK will be able to support the production of diverse fruit and leafy vegetables such as tomatoes, bell pepper and a host of others.

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