How to Sell Everything with ‘Seun Oyewole- CEO

How to Sell Everything with ‘Seun Oyewole- CEO

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1. Readiness to learn and unlearn

Selling isn’t hard if you choose to do it! And it begins with the readiness to learn and unlearn.

This topic will be a waste of time if you are not going to do something about the nuggets no matter how few.

It is not just the packaging of your products or services that sell! It is the value! Value is relative though and anyone may sell packaging for just, but a short while. In the long run, it is continuous value that keep customers coming.

2. What value am I selling?

So the question to clearly answer before you begin is ‘what value am I selling?’ Value selling in a layman’s language is ‘what problem am I solving’?

Having understood what value selling briefly, the next thing is to gain clarity about the market.
In selling, there is no one cap that fits all! Nah! You must be problem-centric in selling! I mean you must seek to understand your ideal customer or buyer. The truth is your product or service cannot cure everyone’s problem. So you’ve got to be clear about who you are going after! It is called definite of purpose! Clarity of objectives!

Having done that, the next thing to do is understand “how” they want to be served the product or service. That’s in capsule or syrup😂😂

3. Packaging

Do not think that companies producing water in sachet have another factory for the same water in bottles! Rara! Mba! Babu! They put the same water in sachet and also in bottles from the same factory or backyard!😂😂😂. So, the point is to deeply understand how your potential customers or buyers want to be served.

This point number 3 is also where packaging comes. A good product or valuable product or service packaged poorly will not sell. Good packaging is also key in selling. The reason some of us will take our friends to certain places just to buy them a bottle of maltina for 1k when we can buy same bottle for N200 the next shop is also because of packaging. Nigerians like classic things!

4. Understand your competitors

The next point to also understand is your competitor or competitors. Believe it or not, you have to study your competitors very deeply and continuously. If you have not been to someone else’s father’s farmland, you might think your father’s is the biggest [a Yoruba Adage]. In other words, if your reason is strong enough, in selling you will stay focused!

So selling extends beyond knowing your customers. You must also know your competitors very deeply. Buy their products, attend their sessions, understand their employees. Don’t copy! Look for their weakness or weaknesses. In actual fact, that is what is missing and that is what you want to sell!

5. Be Tenacious!

Rejection is part of life! If you are afraid of being rejected, start distributing chocolate in public schools FOC! 😛😛.  You can’t sell if you’re are not tenacious! Tenacity is not overbearing o! It is pressing on smartly over and over again. In any case the truth is if what you are selling is value-driven, to the right audience or yearning audience and in the right packaging, rejection will be minimal.

In order words, if your reason is strong enough, in selling you will stay focused! Do you know a lot of people are in the marketplace struggling hard to sell products they dont even know how it works! Or its embedded values.

Please permit me to close this session with this last, but mother of all the above mentioned points.

6. Selling is nothing other than building a win-win relationship!

And relationship thrives only on integrity! So in your quest to sell your products or services, be honest! Do not promise what you cannot deliver! Do not say your product can cure diabetics when it can only take care of headache.

If you scale through for a while, believe it or not, you will live another day to buy your lies! Just be open enough to let your potential customers know the limitation of your product or service. There is only one Almighty (God). Everything and Everyone has its own limitations!

All I have shared here is not all to know about selling, so please I am open to more insights on the subject. We are all on a journey and by the grace of God we shall succeed!

Thank you all for your time!

Meet ‘Seun Oyewole

‘Seun Oyewole is the Founder/CEO of Exponential Impact Integrated Company Ltd, Errand Dot Ng Ltd and also the President/CEO of Exponential Impact Development Centre Ltd (EIDC)- A Life and Entrepreneurial learning and mentoring community for everyone who desires to make the most out of life and business.

He is also an alumnus of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation. He is an incurable Entrepreneur.

He worked with a reputable commercial bank in Nigeria for some years as a Buisness Development Officer. He has also worked with Nigerian Security Printing & Minting Company, Imo State Development Finance & Investment Company and also as Head, Human Resources and Administration for Boff & Company Insurance Broking Firm.

He studied Economics as his first degree and Business Administration as second degree, from two different prestigious universities in the South Western part of Nigeria. He is a Chartered Personnel Manager.

G: @mindseun | FB. Oluwaseun Oyewole or mindseun | Twitter: @mindseun

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