Apple’s reportedly partners with Volkswagen

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Apple’s self-driving car project is in play as they are partnering with Volkswagen to turn existing T6 Transporter vans into self-driving shuttles for Apple employees, according to the report from The New York Times.

Apple’s car division codenamed Project Titan had changed focus in the short term on a shuttle service known as PAIL (Palo Alto to Infinite Loop). Now, it’s known the the vehicles is provided by the Volkswagen company.

The New York Times report, says that the entire Apple car team seems to be focused on getting this shuttle service started, and that there are no solid plans for what follows. The Times reports that some persons have left the division in the past few years since it was expanded to more than a thousand employees.

Notwithstanding, Apple’s prototype self-driving cars can be seen driving around Palo Alto. Sometime in August last year, Tim Cook suggested his company’s work in autonomous systems could be used in a variety of ways and in different areas.

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