7 tips to be a successful student entrepreneur

7 tips to be a successful student entrepreneur

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What do you do when you have a great business idea as a student and at the same time a lot of classes to attend, assignments to do and many exams and test to do? This question is what has incapacitated many student entrepreneurs from starting out their businesses right away from the school where they have good market.

If you are in the same category, these tips is best for you to balance up and to be successful both in your business and academics.

Understand Yourself

Human being are of different capacity and capability to carryout some tasks. And besides this, there different choices that can come in place.

So, as a student that needs to start a business and at the same time balance up academics, you must understand yourself. You ask yourself some questions like.. Will I be able to merge both business and academics together? Of course, you can. In as much there so many student entrepreneurs on campus, you too can. So, just understand yourself and your capability. Your interest in the area of the business you want to makes it easy for you to achieve success.

Manage Your Time Well

It is glaring here that you need a whole lot of time. Business will take your time while school is demanding more time. Having understand your capability, go back to your drawing board. Map out your business of interest and the time it will take to be successful in it and that will not affect your academics. Depending on the choice of your business, you may need to cut some daily activities both in the school and social. Managing your time is to venture in the business that will not take all your day for it to be successful. There so many businesses you can do as a student that will not take your time. Read some of them here. Understanding the complexity of your course of study too is part of managing your time.

Network with other Students

Having more friends most especially in your department will go a long way helping you to go along with classes. The point is that you may not be in class every time. So, having many friends that are nice can cover up for you in the area of attendance, calling you during emergency, help with notes etc. School activities are very demanding, if you are giving all the time for it, you will not be able to do well in your business and both may be affected in the long run.

Build a Team

Running a business alone can be tiring and boring. So, in this case, as a student, you need to get some smart students like you that are brilliant in terms of academics and are business oriented. Bring them together to whatever business you are doing. This will help in expanding your business tentacles in the school environments and others will be able to cover up for you in case of emergency.

Start Your Business Small

I always encourage starting small but never remain small. Since you are a student, you need to know how things will work well by starting small and gradually getting to the market. Start by introducing your business to your friends, lecturers so that they will know what you are doing. In fact when some lecturers know what you are doing, they won’t give you tough time and they will even be your customer. So, that is another opportunity for you to utilize.

Embrace Technology

The only way your business can grow beyond that school environment is for you to adopt technology into your business. This will enable you to offer your product or services to other schools or cities. Having an online presence is very important. Social medias, web presence etc are all available for you to reach many prospects.

Check and Balance

You must have a track record of your activities both in academics and business. One must not affect another. If your business is affecting your academics, you need to check and balance and vice versa. The point is that only a successful student will be praised. So, be successful in both and do well globally.


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