Starting Scrappy – How Zion started her Multi Million Naira business without anything

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This is a lecture, motivation and success stories shared by Zion the CEO ZeeNatures Homes. ZeeNature’s organics are high quality cosmetics for skin care and treatment. It is produced from 100% organic base ingredients well packaged in containers of different sizes and prices that enable low and and average earners in Nigeria achieve lasting solution to their skin challenges without side-effects from toxic chemical ingredients.

The dream


How it all started…

A client who got my knuckle treatment set (a guy for that matter Ooo)
Asked me this question yesterday… “When did you learn about making of skincare products?”

And this was my reply…

Before I gained admission into the University,
Its a personal oriented learning. Because I have faced skin challenges before. To which all products I used never worked but worsen the situation. I started mixing organic products in my kitchen, just to give trial if a miracle will work. With my research as a scientist I found what works, but the confidence of its reliability to prescribe it to others was not there yet.

Sometimes I dreamt of using a particular plant on my skin, in reality I tried it out and woow it was making a difference. I believe God was involve in it. I started quietly making skin care and hair care products for people from my 300Level. I also had to register with a company in Sweden that deals on organic skin care products (although, major ingredients they used are not grown or found in this part of the world), I learnt more of being a skin care consultant under the company and that has helped me sharpen my edge in this field.

I was challenged to go into large production of my skin care formulation to touch more lives when a product I recommended for someone under a company didn’t work! The person even accused me of fraud, since the product didn’t work as intended. Although this product was found to work for some other persons. I came to the realization that not all skin type are the same. And if I keep doing trial and error it may affect my passion. Rather I will make my products from my experiment, specific for that individual, take the responsibility of its effectiveness and keep improving.

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How I raised my initial fund (Listen)

In addition, to the 9,000 I got from friends and few relatives who support with N1,000, my little personal savings which came from starving on the things I like.

You must be able to differentiate your likes or desires from your needs.
I typically didn’t shop for new clothes over a year, but some of my savings went into supporting my academics due to the financial situation in my family at that time. What if I depended on my parents…? You know the remaining story.

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Another lesson, if you must succeed in starting scrappy of starting BIG…mind the people you surround yourself with. That friend actually made me see the opportunity that lies in asking for help(especially when you know its a life time dream, which he told me is equivalent to a between life and death situation, mind you shame did not allow me venture into it ASAP, but such friend who encourage and lead by example, is worth keeping around) he wasn’t having the money to support, but supported with his idea.

More motivations from Zion

Passion for Excellence

In time, I designed my logo while still an undergraduate. Created pages on social media and kept building my brand online and offline.

Don’t also forget the place of studying for personal development. Because your identity as a person matters to attracting solid audience and clients.

Let me not brag, I treat the skins and hair of some lectures in my institution.

About my Brand

ZeeNature’s Home, is a brand known for its excellence in Beauty affairs and Fashion.

I’m also a model and fitness coach who has groomed models from scratch to become super models for outstanding pageantry and runways.
An exceptional makeup artist.
(Just icing to building my personality and influence) to strengthen my brand.

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As a creative Fashion designer and founder of ZeeNature’s Fashion brand, my goal is to set the pace in expressing Africa fabrics in a more sophisticated and stupendous outlook that can attract the world’s market, as well as empower the youths to become self reliant.

ZeeNature’s organics are high quality cosmetics for skin care and treatment. It is produced from 100% organic base ingredients well packaged in containers of different sizes and prices that enable low and and average earners in Nigeria achieve lasting solution to their skin challenges without side-effects from toxic chemical ingredients.

See something

BHL asked her “Zion I want you to tell us how you went around the printing this might inspire someone”

Her Response “Allow me laugh out loud Ooo….
This is exactly starting scrappy, don’t have the budget yet for this month to printing labels, so I creativity use my biro ink to put those design and firm it with gum.

This is a challenge to all. She actually used biro with letter cast on mathematical set. So, what is now your own excuse o

See Zion’s first survey

In starting scrappy, I wouldn’t forget the survey I did first, before venturing

Some of Zion’s Products

We have over 20 organic formulated products, to help solve skin and hair challenges while meeting the needs of our clients.


Finally, meet Zion

My name is Sandra Ose Ulinfoh, fondly called Zion. I am 22 years old and a graduate of Soil Science and Land management. I hail from Esan North East L.G.A. Edo State, Nigeria. The third child of my parents from a family of seven and a Christian by religion. A multi-talented personality and serial entrepreneur, a pragmatic/ versatile beautician setting pace in the Beauty and fashion industry. My hobbies are researching, making new friends and trying new recipes in the kitchen. I have special skills in marketing and creative writing. My life time dream and ambition is to be a successful global business owner in the beauty industry, an investor and renowned problem solver in food production and processing to ensure food security; as well as create employment and empowerment of the youth. I once suffered chronic acne which affected my self esteem and my dream of being a face model. I tried several skin care products and quite expensive prescriptions which never worked but rather aggravated my condition. My parents couldn’t afford high quality skin care service and brands, I believed only the wealthy could afford. I later resorted to mixing organic ingredients in my kitchen to make something that may work for me. After a long-term research I did and ZeeNature’s home was born.

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Let me add small, she is a brain with beauty. Her voice only is ok for marketing. Not only that, she is good in the kitchen too. See what she prepared with scent leaves

Contact Zion: +234 806 122 9481, FB: Zion Ulinfoh

Purse, think about it too. This is starting scrappy indeed and mind you this is a multi million dollars startup. What is now your own excuse en? What is now my own excuse en?

Step out, do something scrappy and before you know it, it will be the talk of the town.

Finally, no one will achieve your dreams for you. You must be your number one fan, you must get out into the market place and pitch your ideas, because if you don’t, no one else will.

Success is not a determinant of external factor, but an internal factor which is YOU….. Zion, CEO ZeeNatures Homes


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