Meet Teinye CEO Guyman Style, a Computer Science graduate turned stylepreneur

Meet Teinye CEO Guyman Style, a Computer Science graduate turned stylepreneur

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Fashion and Style are one part of business in Africa that has not been explored optimally. Most especially men’s styles are not taken serious as it is in other part of the world. Meet Teiye Daniel Boyle, the founder of Guyman Style as he expose the secret behind style business in Africa especially that of men.

Ebam Agbor (StackPreneur): As far as we know, you’re the brain behind guymanstyle.
Why did you decide to choose fashion designing as a career?

Teinye Daniel Boyle: Thank you, let me hasten to correct something please, I am not into fashion and design but into fashion curating. Meaning i don’t necessarily have interest in making clothes but it is my job to talk about them and give good reviews of them, especially men’s wear.

Ebam Agbor (StackPreneur): Okay that’s great, so why the niche?

Teinye Daniel Boyle: You see, if you check properly, in this part of the world, men’s fashion is not as serious as it is overseas. There is not a dedicated industry for it hence the negligence. I decided to use my own little way to try to bring or spring a continental mens fashion industry.
In some foreign countries, at fashion weeks you see them dedicate a day or two for only men. We are only just doing so in africa (there is now South africa men’s wear week, Accra Men’s fashion week and Mens fashion week Nigeria). All these were enacted less than 3years ago. I decided to talk and focus on this because if we have these dedicated shows for men, and mainstream media won’t pay attention why then do we have it, hence the creation of GuyMan Style; Nigeria’s pan-african men’s style magazine.

Ebam Agbor (StackPreneur): Ok, as a critic, in your own terms, please define fashion or men’s fashion as that is your major area of interest?

Teinye Daniel Boyle: I’d like to say Fashion is the faithful followership of trends and culture. While Style is personally forever.
Men’s fashion, however is the focus of fashion for men, the changing times, and seasons as well as trends, and culture.
If you noticed, i didn’t mention clothes in particular because fashion is a lifestyle, it cut across clothes, cars, houses and all things that goes in and out of style.

Ebam Agbor (StackPreneur): Wow, so how do you stay up to date regarding men’s fashion as these days we have a whole lot of fashion designers?

Teinye Daniel Boyle: There lies the work, since people depend on Guyman Style to stay updated, we owe it to them to keep them updated. We have devised several means to stay abreast with the latest trends. one of it is getting exclusive press releases for new collections from various designers but we have our undisclosable avenues to stay updated.

Ebam Agbor (StackPreneur): Also, Would you say fashion and lifestyle has a whole lot to do with humans taste in relation to what you mentioned earlier (cars, houses, etc)?

Teinye Daniel Boyle: Yes it does, Style itself is ones personal taste being reflected on things he or she covets. That is why we prode ourselves as a STYLE magazine not a FASHION magazine.
The difference between the two would be that, fashion magazines dictates trends, passes fashion judgements and keeps us informed but a Style magazine celebrates the diversity in personal style and celebrates the brightest of style ideas. Fashion is now, Style is forever

Ebam Agbor (StackPreneur): Ok, ever since adopting this idea, and working on it, how has it been for you integrating it into our society today?
Rather how would you say Nigerians have responded to this?

Teinye Daniel Boyle: Nigeria currently has the biggest men’s wear industry and by CNN STYLE standards, The most fashionable black nation so we are the right society for this. Lagos for instance is the Fashion capital of Africa, rivaling Milan, Paris, New York and London in terms of fashion frequency. Its been amazing really because we make bold to say we are the first style magazine dedicated to men in sub Saharan Africa and the reception has been incredible, ever since the launch of the site, we have had over 2,000 visits and we receive features and article mails on a daily basis. I’d love to think that, we have answered so many people’s prayers.
The existing style magazines are obviously woman-biased, our coming to being has given many mens wear designers a voice.

Ebam Agbor (StackPreneur): This is great, nice work disrupting.
So tell us what has been your worst and your best reviews on your work and has it given you sleepless nights? (Customers response).

Teinye Daniel Boyle: Errm, sleepless nights yes because to stay abreast, one needs to be innovative in doing things already done. I, most times stay awake to get first hand info of style news coming from other continents (because of time difference) in breaking a news, once you do a post after 30 minutes of its original release you are late. So we try to be the first to break such, that is, Balenciaga released their Fall 2018 Capsule collection and we broke it two (2) minutes after they released the news. That’s one of our strategies to stay atop.
Reviews have been good, we’ve not had any bad reviews yet but we do in house criticism and find what and where we are lagging behind.

Ebam Agbor (StackPreneur): Great work you’re doing.
What motivates you to keep going on?

Teinye Daniel Boyle: My idol in this business is Karl Laggerfeld, the current Creative director for CHANEL, he has been in the fashion business longer than i have lived. I know soon enough that Africa’s men’s fashion would be at the forefront of fashion business worldwide and when that happens, I want to be called as one of the pioneers of that feat.
Guyman style is being built with an already established succession structure to function and outlive me the founder.

Ebam Agbor (StackPreneur): Now that’s vision speaking. In one sentence, what’s your advice to young entrepreneurs today?

Teinye Daniel Boyle: Nobody made it in a day, be consistent, be passionate, be result oriented.

Ebam Agbor (StackPreneur): Ok, thank you. So tell us about you.

Teinye Daniel Boyle: You’re welcome, I am Teinye Daniel Boyle. I am in my late 20s and a graduate of Computer Science and Management. I hail from Abonnema, a coastal town in the Ijaw Nation (Rivers state) of Nigeria. I also run a consulting agency (MAUVE Nigeria) and we help young businesses gain the right identity through inimitable idea development and content creation, I have ran that for 5 years already and its been Awesome too.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (StackPreneur): Smiles. Thank you Mr. Boyle.

Teinye Daniel Boyle: Avec Plaisir.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (StackPreneur): A Computer Science graduate turned fashion geek. Thank you for honoring our invitation.

Teinye Daniel Boyle: Funny enough, people never get to believe this part of me, to think that i graduated top of my class too
Thanks for having me too. Thanks to team StackPreneur, you guys are doing an amazing work.

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