How to start online repair store

How to start online repair store

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We recently published 11 e-commerce ideas that can thrive in Africa  and one of our readers chatted us up to write explicitly on some of the e-commerce ideas we posted.

We have taken up the challenge and we are hereby presenting to you How to start an online repair store.

It was specified in the post that starting an online repair store can be challenging as it requires some level of expertise to start. So, follow these tutorial to get you started.


The first thing is to have a sound repair knowledge. This solidly depend on what area of repair you looking at. It can be ranging from phone repair, laptop repair, car repair, generator repair etc. So, you should ask yourself, can I repair this particular thing. The point is that as an entrepreneur, you may not have the expertise but you can get employers who have it. The important thing is that you should have the experts around and not only one or two.


Now that you want to start an online repair store. You should ask yourself why are you starting a repair store? Who are my customers? How will I serve my customers? What medium will I serve my customers of course online this time. What is the prospect? Does it worth it starting an online store? Which problem am I solving here. You need to put all these down in notepad [not black and white this time].

All your plan should center on ways your online repair store will be successful and push towards it. Your plan is good as the success. If you cannot plan this alone, the best way is to build a team around it and make sure they are the best in the area of their strengths.


Depending on the areas you want to specialize. Lets assume you want to start an online auto repair. You will need series of expertise ranging from mechanical guy, electrical guy, IT guy, customer care, technical guy, finance guy etc. The selling point of anything online is that when a customer reach you, he or she get response immediately. So, this has to do with getting the best team to handle some critical areas of the business. The beauty of online business is that where you are working from does not matter in as much you have the solution.


Registering a company with companies registration body of your country is a win win for your business. Corporate affairs commission registration is now quite easy as you can register and process your document online.


This is a key aspect of your business. Lets assume you don’t have a physical workshop, you just want to work on the fly, you need a platform you can be reached. And these are the platform:

  • A web portal: You will need to build a robust, easy to use and creative web portal. This will be a place your client will locate you. So, it should be in real time. Customers representatives should be on guard either in tickets, phone calls or live chat
  • Social media presence: Yes! Social medias are the real thing. They make your business visible and give your business a kind of publicity you don’t pay for.
  • A brand: Yes! Your brand should speak out. It should be recognizable and attractive. The way you offer your services should speak better than others.
  • Mobile App: This is optional for a start though it can come very much in handy as you can be reached on the go. Majority of internet users in Africa especially Nigeria are on mobile platforms.


Set for business. You will be amazed your first customer will call you from a far bush where his or her car broke down. How you respond to this will go a long way. You should be always ready to work and to be reached. You must inculcate the habit of solving your customers problem instantly.


We always advocate you start small but never remain small. Your plan should be able to scale and expand.

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What else do you want to know more about this idea, kindly use the comment box.

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