6 ways to motivate yourself when you fail

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An entrepreneur that has never failed has never tried anything at all. Failure does not happen when you are not perfect or you have not planned well. Failure can happen base on the wrong projection or climate change or change in governing policies.

As a matter of fact, a simple mistake in design can cause a failure. Failure is inevitable in as much you keep trying new things in your business or startup, but that does not make you a perpetual failure.

So, how do you encourage yourself when you fail? Failure is not a big thing but it becomes a serious issue when you remain a perpetual failure. Falling is not a big thing, but remaining on the ground brings mockery and shame.

The following are the simple ways to encourage yourself when you fail.


There is no way you have not succeeded before. Think about when you were in secondary school and you topped your class. Think about how you won a debate. Think about when you were praised by your parents because you did something great. Just think about them. Your University days when you solved a complex algorithm and your lecturer had a lunch with you. There are many obstacles you’ve faced and came out successful. So, look at them and tell yourself if you can achieve those things then, you can do better again. In a simple command “if I can be successful in those things, I will succeed in this…”

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We had so many stories of Jack Ma, the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group, how he failed several times in school, in career and business. But today, Alibaba Group is one of the biggest company in China and in the world. We had so many stories of Dangote where his first investment in the production of cement despite critical plans went down the drain. But today, Dangote is the largest producer of Cement in Africa. So, check stories of many people that failed and they later succeeded. Read about them and use it to encourage yourself. Just tell yourself in this simple command “if this person can fail so many times and later succeeded in the same thing, then I will succeed” 


When you fail, it is very important you have people that have passed through same route to motivate you. These people will make it so real to you that to succeed is just a step from where you stopped when you failed. This will propel you to  take the next step that will lead to your massive success.

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Before a failure, so many things have been put in place. Time, money and so many things. These resources cannot be gotten again except you succeed. Common, I know you will want to take the next step to success. Success is just a step from failure. Just look at the reasons why that failure happened and correct them and you are a success already.


When a failure occurs, there will be so many thoughts coming in. There will be so many other ideas flowing in and you need time to think about them. Starting again immediately may not be healthy because you will be desperate to succeed by all means. But no, just calm down. Gather those thoughts, re-strategise. In a place of relaxation, your mind will be settled and you will find your success again.


I’m adding this because that is one of the things I do. When you see me playing my guitar throughout a whole day then know that I’m trying to recover from a heart break. I enjoy instrumentation. So, get a cool music to settle your brain and encourage yourself.

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