5 ways to get a co-founder for your startup in Nigeria

5 ways to get a co-founder for your startup in Nigeria

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The best way to go far in your startup or business is to move with people that buy your idea and are ready to be committed to it. The only challenge especially in Africa is how to find these people.

The truth is that to find a co-founder that will fill the vacuum in your startup or business idea is not a joke. Looking at professionalism, integrity, hardworking, creativity, motivation and as many things you desire, it is not a small job.

In this post, you will find different ways to get a co-founder for your startup or business. The first thing first, you have to be a good person yourself.

Higher Institution

The best place and the most effective place to find a co-founder is school. These persons you have known at least for 4 years. You know their capacity in academics, how they relate, their intelligence and so on. The person may be who you have done one or two things with in school. So, picking up the person as a co-founder when you start your business should not be a problem.

One example of such co-founders in Nigeria is the fast growing Fintech Paystack. Both Shola and Ezra  went to same school at Babcock University and it was easy for him to pick him and they both agreed.


There are always people looking for the best match for their startup or business almost everyday. Best brains are always on the look for best brains and they find themselves in meetups. This is how the drama use to happen. You see someone working on his own computer and you are working too. He will just stand from his seat and ask you do you know about Laravel? If you say yes, then the journey begins.

It all start by asking right questions. Some best brains don’t entertain dumb questions, if you are to meet your co-founder in a meetup, your question must be smart and intelligent.

Group Chat

Hahahaha! This one has been working for me since I started group chats. You will virtually find me in any group on Whatsapp and what I’m looking for most time is who to work with. There is a way best brains answer questions in a group and the way they do their posting are intelligent in nature.

You won’t see a best brain posting ponzi scheme or something not entrepreneurial. They have answers to any question and they are always ready to help. I have co-founded startups or businesses with lots of best brains just from whatsapp group chats.

Entrepreneurs Platform

There are some platforms purposely designed just to get best match for your startup or business. Platforms like Co-Founder Lab are good places to find co-founder. They have network of entrepreneurs where virtual meetups can happen and co-founders emerge.

Working Place

Working place is another cool place to find co-founder. It works like that of higher institution where you already know the expertise, patience and commitment of your co-worker.

It can be anywhere… Yes

You can find your co-founder anywhere. In the stadium, gym, club, church, plane etc. There is no limit to where you can find your co-founder. As I said initially, you have to be good yourself, accommodating and ask the right question in the speed of light. You must be ready to identify best brain in a jiffy and connect fast.

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