11 e-commerce ideas that can thrive in Africa

11 e-commerce ideas that can thrive in Africa

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It is not a news again that e-commerce has come to stay. There are hundred of e-commerce startups springing up everyday on the internet.

E-commerce is basically buying and selling of products and services online. It is a kind of internet store that virtually represent your physical store [if you have any].

Here are 11 e-commerce ideas you can start anywhere in Africa.

Fresh Food Store

Food is everything. If you are rich you will eat and if you are not rich you will eat. There are lots of e-commerce stores available on the internet that sell food. The good news is that they are not enough. These stores cannot cater for everybody that want to eat. So, what are you waiting for? Start your plan and join the market.

Fresh Fruit Store

The same way food is inevitable that is how fruits are very important too. Fruits always come in handy when you have eaten and you need something to step down. Doctors do recommend fruits for their patients. The good news here is that, every fruits stores online cannot cater for everybody. Why don’t you create your own niche and start selling? Start now.

Fashion Store

Fashion is another thing people eat like food. Clothes, shoes, bags just mention them all, they are very important to man. Everyday there is party, birthday, wedding and so on, these cannot be attended without a nice fashion setup. The truth remains that there are many online fashion store but these cannot be enough. If you are a fashion person, why don’t you create a niche for yourself in the online fashion world? Start now.

Electronics Store

TV, Fans, sound systems, home appliances etc are necessary for homes. These are on the high end needs of a family. Demands for electronics especially in Nigeria is very high. So, why don’t you look at it critically and sort out what electronics are needed and start selling them online. Start now.

Phone and Acessories Store

Yea! This is hot cake. Africa especially Nigeria is a phone freak hub. Average Nigerians always want latest phones in the market. A place like Ikeja Computer Village shows how heavily phone and its accessories are patronized everyday. Are you are phone enthusiast and you know how you can get it and sell? Why don’t you take it online? Yes start an online store to be selling your phones and accessories.

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Online Kitchen

As it was pointed out, food is very important. But where do you eat if you can’t cook at home? Why don’t you take your present local kitchen online. As an entrepreneur, this can be a form of online kitchen marketplace, Connect all kitchens in your area so they can be easily found. Cool right? Then start now.

Computer and Its Accessories Store

Computers are what make the internet run smoothly. Everybody need a computer and its accessories at the tips of their hands. Businesses either small, medium or large scale need computers in their respective offices to carry out day to day activities. Schools, government agencies etc cannot do without computers. The good news is that all the existing online stores cannot satisfy all these needs. So, what are you waiting for? Start now.

Online Repair Store

This is one area that is not explored well in Africa. When someone’s computer, phone or cars break down, why the need to start running up and down looking for who to fix it? Why can’t they just order for a ready to fix it guy online and in minutes everything fixed? Though this can be challenging as it requires lots of expertise but it is achievable and will be best if you can give it a shot. Yes! a shot.

Real Estate Store

Yea! This is a gold rush. Everybody need a home, shelter, properties etc. Why don’t you create a marketplace for real estate investors to buy and sell their properties? Hooo! This will be amazing. Give it a thought.

Books Store

You can start selling both hard and soft copy books. Readers are leaders as the popular saying, so everyone want to read. You can even go a step further by making it a marketplace where publishers can sell their books.

Farm Store

A store where farmers can sell their produce. Where farmers can buy inputs to use on their farms. Agriculture is well invested into in Africa especially in Nigeria as there is ongoing diversification of economy. The good news is that the existing online farm stores cannot cater for all these needs. So, you as agripreneur, why don’t you think out of the box and create your own online store to cater for these? Start now.

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Which of the ideas do you think we should write explicitly on? Kindly indicate in the comment box and we promise to come up with detailed step by step on them.



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