Your idea is impossible, go away

Your idea is impossible, go away

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Have you ever heard such amazing shock before? Hahahah! No, this cannot work. Have you ever conceived an idea before and all those you inform about the idea exclaimed and say It cannot work? Then it can not work. You know why?

Check the following:

This was said by the Professor Lecturer  of Larry Page and Sergey Brin the founder of Google at Standford University who was supposed to be their first investor:

I don’t see how two Ph.D Students will unseat Yahoo.

The Professor despite his critical analysis, he saw it was impossible for another internet company to unseat Yahoo which was one of the dominant in the internet business then especially in search engine. You know the story today. Show them results.

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group said this:

When I got to US, I saw Internet and I told people around me that I saw Internet in the US and I want to do something with it in China. All those I informed said that is impossible, it cannot work in China.

Today you know the results of Jack Ma, he is the founder of the largest e-commerce platform in China and it span across many Nations. Please, show them results.

No matter how clear and possible your ideas may be in your own eyes, it is impossible in the eyes of your investors, prospective clients or customers, family and friends until you show them results.

Just check around, you will see that many of the said to be impossible ideas are reigning and thriving. So, that your idea that is turned down, go and revisit it and make sure those that turned it down come begging to invest.

Stay motivated.

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