TechPoint trying to bring Elon Musk to Nigeria on May 29

TechPoint trying to bring Elon Musk to Nigeria on May 29

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One of the greatest we are expecting to happen in Nigeria is for great minds that have impacted the world to come and talk to us, tell us how they are making things happen and how to get things done.

Elon Musk is one of the innovation drivers in the world that are getting things done in the crazy way. You can read some crazy things about Elon Musk here as a son of the soil.

On May 29, TechPoint will be hosting Techpoint Inspired, the biggest tech conference in Nigeria. Over 5,000 people comprising of industry leaders, tech enthusiats, innovators, futurists and students will gather together to discuss how technology will change the future of the African continent. And it is with this vision that we decided to invite Elon Musk to join the conversation

This is TechPoint tweet to Elon Musk:


We need to support TechPoint in attracting his attention here. Retweet until he get interested and reply positively.

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