How to start Web Hosting Company in small scale

How to start Web Hosting Company in small scale

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WEEKLY HOW TO START: In this week HOW TO START, we are exposing you to the simple steps to start a Web Hosting Company in Nigeria in a small scale.

The need for web host and domain names in Africa and in Nigeria especially cannot be overemphasized as the need for businesses, small, medium or large scale to move to the cloud, have online presence and to be recognized globally is on the very high side. There are new startups everyday that need to be hosted, entrepreneurs are building something everyday to show case to the world which having a website cannot be neglected. Web hosting and domain services are always profitable, there is no doubt about that.


Well, I’m not trying to scare you with the problems that are associated with setting up a web hosting company. Web hosting services require high level of expertise, constant power supply, high speed internet and constant support system. Starting like this can cost a lo. Most of the amenities needed to start running web hosting company are not available on low cost yet.


This post is not targeting you that want to start in a large scale or as big as you think. But to start with what you have is the target of this post.


Well, the shock is that most of the web hosting companies in Nigeria are resellers of foreign or well established companies. Most of the web hosting companies in Nigeria does not have a data center and most that have don’t have it in Nigeria because of there is no availability of resources to run the service.

So, you can start by becoming a reseller of well established web hosting companies in your area. Things to consider when choosing a web hosting company for reseller are:

  • Instant Support system
  • Package with good profit margin for resellers
  • Reliability
  • Motivation
  • Favourable working and terms and condition

Any hosting company without the above packages is not considered to be good. Do your research very well before you choose any web hosting company to start reselling for.


There are many reputable web hosting in Nigeria to resell for. Now, to know which one to go for is to be an already customer of the company you want to resell for. That means you have one or two websites with them. With this, you will be rest assure that those you refer will be happy because you are happy. This is the trick the company that build our website is using you can check them out  .

How to go about it:

  • Decide: After you have had your critical plans to start and to scale, you will decide on which web hosting companies to resell for. Some online googling can be of help. You only need to consider the packages mentioned above to choose the best company. Note, affiliating is not only limited to local providers, you can affiliate with foreign providers too which will be very good.
  • Build your landing page: Now, when you decide on which company to choose from, you will need to build a website which will serve as your landing page for your customers. And very well, this your website should be hosted by the company you want to resell so that you can get to know their service  very well. And you can affiliate to as many as possible companies too when you know more about them. If you don’t know how to go about building a landing page, you can approach this company. They built this website.
  • Signup: After you have built your landing page, you will now subscribe for affiliate program on your choice web hosting company. You must be sure they have affiliate program before you register with them.
  • Create Affiliate Link: After you have registered with them, they will create an affiliate links for you like this or this. This is directly linked to your affiliate account and you will often get details of your commission in your registered email.
  • Market: Depending on the company you are affiliating to, their commission use to be differ. There are some companies that give commission both on signup and purchase. Use the above link, they both have on signup and purchase. So, start marketing your referral links through your website on the internet and all social medias. Start aggressive marketing and I’m very sure, before you know it, you are raking money at the end of every month.


You remember the rule startup small, grow big   . You must grow to a full capacity web hosting company one day. That should be your target. Have a great plan as you are now reselling or affiliating. Learn more about the business and start thinking of how you will scale to medium and to large.

Use the comment box if you still have questions to ask.


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