How to create a corporate blog for your products and services

How to create a corporate blog for your products and services

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After my last post where I wrote about the needs and importance of having a corporate blog for your business or company, we discovered that many of our readers don’t know how to create a corporate blog on their company or business websites. Some ask are they going to build another website by paying for hosting and new domain name and some don’t even know they can easily do that themselves.

I will start with you don’t need to pay another hosting or domain name. Another thing is that you can pay a developer or you can easily do it.


For you to follow this tutorial, you must already have a business or company website. Just follow these steps to create your company corporate blog.


As I said in the last post, corporate blog use to be something like this or

So, the first thing to do is to create a subdomain in your hosting cpanel or simply create a new page from your wordpress dashboard (that is if you are using wordpress). So after creating the directory, you will proceed to the next step.


There are different ways you can create a blog. Assuming you are using wordpress, you can easily create a new page e.g blog that will be something like this and add the blog shortcode as provided by the theme you are using or use a page builder to do that.

If you are using the subdomain you create in your hosting cpanel, then you may need to install fresh wordpress using Softaculous and install your choice blog theme. Customize your blog them to your taste and you are good to go.


The essence of corporate blogging is to:

  1. Make your company’s contents available for consumption by your prospective customers or clients
  2. Describe your products and services
  3. Guide your clients or customers about the usage of your products and services
  4. Announce your offerings
  5. Create tips for your prospective clients about your forthcoming products


You can use these platforms to create your corporate blog too and you can integrate them to your company or business website.

  • Google mybusiness

Start corporate blogging today and you will experience growth and leads in your business.

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