Whatsapp for Business now available for Nigerians, learn how to use it

Whatsapp for Business now available for Nigerians, learn how to use it

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When Whatsapp Inc launched the Whatsapp for Business, it was not available in some countries including Nigeria. The good news now is that the app now available for Nigerians to use and verify their phone numbers.

The following are the step by step procedures to take to start using the app as written by Joy Eneghalu a Whatsapp for Business user.

How to start using the app

1) To download WhatsApp for Business, you have to the Google Play Store. The icon is the normal WhatsApp logo with a B in it.

2) It is not available for iOS users yet.

3) If you are trying to use the same number you use on the normal WhatsApp for WhatsApp for Business, please take note from this point.

4) You can sync both apps and all your contacts from the normal app will go on WhatsApp for Business. However, you won’t be able to access the normal app anymore if you use the same phone number.

5) Syncing moves your messages and contacts to WhatsApp for Business.

6) On WhatsApp for Business, once you set your business name, it can’t be changed.

7) Once you sync messages, you won’t be able to access old and starred messages IF YOU DON’T BACK UP. So make sure you back up before syncing if you intend to use the same phone number.

8) And if you don’t sync in the beginning when you are prompted to, the warning message says you will never be able to do that.

9) WhatsApp for Business has a business setting feature. This has location of business using google map, website, phone number, email address, office hours etc

10) WhatsApp for Business has the label feature. With this, you can easy label new orders, paying customers, pending payments, paid and complete orders. You can also create your own labels.

11) It has messaging tools. You can set automated messages to be sent to your customers when you are not available. These messaging comes in three categories: Away message, Greeting message and Quick reply. But for them to receive it, your phone must have internet connection. Think of it as an auto responder.

12) It also has statistics feature. You can see analytics for messages sent, messages received, messages read and messages delivered.

13) WhatsApp for Business comes with status privacy.

14) So initially I didn’t back up before moving to WhatsApp for Business. On getting there, I realised that my starred and old messages didn’t move as well. So, I went back to the old one and verified my number again and my messages were intact. So my WhatsApp for Business is on now with a different number on the same device. The apps work independently on one device as long as they are different numbers.

This is the best time to boost your business and take it globally with Whatsapp for Business.

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