Start Small, Think Big

Start Small, Think Big

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Starting a business has not been a thing for the weak and the lazy ones. Entrepreneurs admire great businesses or startups or great founders but they can’t actually undergo the rigorous activities these guys do.

One of the greatest activities you can see in a successful business is that they started small but think big. Many of these business shoot out from the room of the founder. Why starting small? Why not big since I have the money?


No great achievers have ever started their journey from a big step, but all of them started with something small and on the journey they live their greatness

Some people actually have the money to start and some don’t. Of course, starting small can very depending on the financial ability of who is starting but no matter how rich you are, you will still start small. So, why starting small?


There is no doubt about it that you have a killer proposal and have made your findings and they wok really well on paper. That is fine. It is very evident on your proposal that you can’t get the desired results in little time, it has to be by growth. So, why will you start a billion dollars because you have the money? Why will you rent a very expensive office when you don’t need it for now? Though starting big has its own advantage because it will make your business looks big but the advantages are many as it means your business is living a fake life and will soon fold up.

If you don’t have the money and you have a promising idea, why not start small. Start from your room and with that your Pentium M computer. Gain the market and grow. The problem with starting small is that it limit business owners to think always small and I want you to break that barrier now. As you are starting small, make your thinking very big.


Startups always win the heart of Venture Capitalists or Angel Investors because startups are always promising. They will rather invest their money in a business that has been running successfully with due diligence from the founder that an already well established business with lot of competitors and debt.

One of the factors Venture Capitalists look at in a startup is your ability or plan to grow which is all about your thinking big. They understand the fact that you are starting small which attracted them in the first place and the twin brother to that is your ability to think big.


Starting from scratch is always a motivation for the world and those who want to start. Starting a business from ground up is always challenging and if break forth always win reputation, applause, awards and recognition.

Ground up business are always seen in the media, on the internet and everywhere because they are motivating. For example a business that started in a one room apartment that grow to be a force within a year will be everywhere winning awards and recognition.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and start now. Start with anything you have now!



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