Meet Ejik Ebuta as he speaks on product design in Africa.

Meet Ejik Ebuta as he speaks on product design in Africa.

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  • The world is changing as product design has gotten to a whole new level. In this interview, Ejik Ebuta, a design god as he popularly called by some persons would be telling us about product design and ways by which one can get better at it.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (StackPreneur): When it comes to product design in Africa, we are no where to be found. Our sense of design seems not to be creative enough and users experience of our products in Africa is not encouraging. What is the cause of these?

Ejik Ebuta: There are two reasons why.
1. Most of our African designers are not informed enough on product design and its evolution.
2. we tend to always bend to what the client wants, who may not really have any knowledge on functional design.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (StackPreneur): the second one may be a general problem. But as regards the first, What information are you talking about and how can it be acquired?

Ejik Ebuta: Yeah, the second is kinda general, but your client is not the one to buy the product, the consumer is, and if he wants a design to his taste, then there is the No1 problem.
As for the first, Product design and design in general is changing, though still stands on the basics. Designs are created based on the study of the consumer behavior, not just needs. be it software or hardware or visible product.
Now, in the process of solving a brief for example, Which involves basically the strategist, the copy writer and the art director. The strategist does his research and analysis, but if the art director of the graphic designer has no knowledge of design thinking, he might find it tough creating designs that connects to the analysis done by the strategist.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (StackPreneur): Interesting! When it comes to product design be it UI/UX, what are the basic steps to achieving an excellent product?

Ejik Ebuta: The design thinking cycle. This applies to designs for new products and redesign of existing products.
Its starts from identifying the problem, proffer a possible solution(s), screen solutions based on research, brainstorm on the creative expression or design, create prototype and deploy for testing. while in the test phase, believe me a problem may still arise, so you go back to phase 1.
The other is based on the design skills of the art director, so to say. The design community is now global, so a good knowledge on design and it’s “why” and “how”, makes a difference in product design. Africa is becoming a focus as an emerging diversified economy. So we need knowledge to create product(s) unique to us.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (StackPreneur): Hmmm! Thank you for this information… Now, how can you motivate and advice young entrepreneurs to be creative and disrupt Africa as you are doing too?

Ejik Ebuta: 1. I’ll advice them to read, designers have long been known as non-readers. They design, watch movies and play video games. which is fun by the way.
I do that too, but reading and exposure on design trends keeps you on your toes.
2. For designers especially, the motivation is in your personal projects, aside from paid/client projects.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (StackPreneur): Great one sir. Who are we chatting with? Tell us about your business and passion.

Ejik Ebuta: I am Ejik Ebuta, CEO of WynutCre8 Africa. WynutCre8 Africa is a startup, and Idea that gave birth to this is the passion to create disruptively and also share our knowledge. hence the name (why not create Africa).

Paul Ajayi (StackPreneur): Alright sir, for developing designers like me, where should I look for motivation?

Ejik Ebuta: First, It has to be a passion, if not you will quit. The passion alone is the motivation. because by the time you see great designs from designers in the global community, you just know you have to work on your grind. As a developing designer, its best you refresh your memory on the basics of design.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (StackPreneur): Thank you for your time. We really appreciate you for honoring our invitation. We hope to have you here next time.
Thank you once again

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