Starting Small Begins The Whole Process

Starting Small Begins The Whole Process

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Ever read this? “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Yeah! Right, it wasn’t.

Anything you see that has grown to being what it is today started from somewhere and/or nothing. Hence, a vision with a passionate drive and appropriate action with tremendous effort brings forth fruits in due season.

A few things amongst many that is necessary when starting small are as follows:


The place of planning cannot be over emphasized. It is necessary to have a plan on how you want to achieve your goals of build your business over time. This means that you must know where you are now and appropriately plan your way to where you want your business to be; Plan from start to finish.


Brian Tracy said: “Everything is hard before it’s easy”. Nothing will ever come easy, it takes time for things to take shape. You have to wait for it while you do your part to ensure that it comes to be. While doing this, you must be aware that you will have challenges, even greater challenges that can make you want to give up. At this point, I urge you to remember why you started. With patience, you will outgrow those challenges and come out strong.

Seek counsel:

Making research on how to get better at your craft and talking to the right people on how to go about your craft or business can save you a whole lot of time and as well help you avoid or prevent some common mistakes. Though, it is good however to make mistakes as it shows that you’re trying something out.


There is nothing else that brings dreams into reality like deliberate action. There is no substitute whatsoever for action. Act on every plan you’ve got to achieve your goal.

It is however pertinent to note that you will encounter difficulties, you may even fail, that’s good. But you must cultivate the habit of going back to the drawing board and edit your plans, restructure it, restrategize, innovate, then act again and again.


There’s no telling how much gratitude can do for you. Be sure to be grateful for everything that had happened from the day you began till where you’ve gotten to. The ups and downs you experienced made you who you are and aided you to achieve your desired goals in business.

Be aware of the fact that if you do not start, you will not achieve anything.

Turning dreams into reality takes a process.

Be ready to start the journey now and start from where you are.

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