Salary earners cum entrepreneurs

Salary earners cum entrepreneurs

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It is a popular saying that “Salary can’t make someone a billionaire or you cannot be wealthy than your boss”. This has been the norms in Africa when you are a salary earner, you are only entitled to your salary and be expecting retirement and probably be looking on to pension or gratuity as the case may be.

But wait! Do you know the likes of Satya Nadella CEO Microsoft, Sundar Pichai CEO Google, Segun Agbaje CEO GTB and so on are all salary earners? You’re shock right? Yes they are all salary earners. They are not the founder, they were appointed or employed to take over the positions and earn a salary.

Now, the question is what makes them different from you and I that earn salary and we can’t even boast of a million naira annually? It is just because they are disruptive with their salaries.

We had Lanre Ogungbe in the studio where he talked expressively on disruptions  in Africa and that is the major reason why those CEOs that earn salaries  are wealthy people.

So, what and what are these great salary earners doing and why are they on the Forbes list of one of the richest people?

They are entrepreneurs: Having a regular source of income makes you a better entrepreneur over those guys starting from scratch. Though it is true those starting from Zero-level seems to be called heroes but that does not change the fact that they are both entrepreneurs.

I got a news from a friend over the weekend which happens to be a salary earner and he was telling me he has about two (2) Acres of Land with Cassava. I opened my mouth and my jaw dropped. It won’t be a surprise to me when he acquires a large stake in the company he is working for presently and he becomes the CEO one day.

They are consultants: The likes of Satya Nadella CEO Microsoft and other great CEOs are consultants to other great companies and in return they are paid heavily. They solve problems even for their competitions and they earn their money. There is no events or conferences that Segun Agbaje CEO GTB will speak that his account will not become fatter.

They are investors: Entrepreneurship is the ability to solve problems and move from one stage to the other by increasing sales, getting more customers and so on. Being a salary earner gives you an avenue to invest. For example, in the company you are working for as a salary earner, there will always be a slot for people to buy shares and invest. So, the person working in that company is the one that will get the first hand information.

Not only that, CEOs and salary earners on wealthy people lists start companies and at the same time working. They are shareholders in other companies and invest in startups.

They are freelancers: Well, may be you don’t know they work for more than one company. Though it won’t be obvious but that is what salary earners cum entrepreneurs do. Many Government workers especially in Nigeria are always in the habit of sleeping when there is no work to do in the office. Despite the availability of infrastructures like internet, good computers etc, they choose to be sleeping when there are freelancing websites where they can be working while still in their offices.

They have entrepreneurial spirit:  Truly, not everybody can be entrepreneurs. Taking risks, don’t want to loose the salary and pressure up and down. But these salary earners cum entrepreneurs are damn risk takers and great planners. They just take their salaries as opportunity to grow their businesses and that is the secret of the great salary earners.

They network: The privilege of working in a multinational company as a salary earner gives you more access to network of people, companies and infrastructures. You get to meet new people, collaborate, have access to problems people are facing and solve them. You have access to travel and see places where to invest.

Hoo! That is just it! To become a great salary earner, entrepreneurial spirit must be invoked.


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