Why you have not achieved your set goals for 2017

Why you have not achieved your set goals for 2017

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I want to believe we are not new to this statement, “Failure to plan is planning to fail”. As start ups and SMEs, and as humans in general, we are faced with this urge to make plans ahead of time.

We set goals in order to guide us into achieving certain desired outcomes. A succinct glance into when the year started, you would agree with me that in one way or the other, we have drawn up plans, set goals, chart, a course of action as to what we want to achieve before the year runs out.

However, if you take a close look, you’d discover that half or none of these goals were achieved.

Have you asked yourself why?
Below are some of the reasons:

• Inability to brainstorm having set out your goals. This is necessary as it reminds you as an entrepreneur or a person generally that you have a task to fulfill.

• Lack of quality preparation, patience and peace of mind to become an early riser. According to the saying, “early to bed, early to rise”. This is Paramount for an entrepreneur as it serves as a reminder that you got a whole lot to do for the day

• Follow up. This is another yardstick for incapability in achieving one’s set of goals. After providing the services required of your customer(s), the next step to take is to follow up. The act of following up your customers is a tool in business that separates the boys from the men.
You might have planned saving up to a reasonable amount for the year, but your inability to follow up your customer makes them to go elsewhere, hence making you to be at loss. This as well serve as one of the reasons why you couldn’t achieve your set goals for 2017

Few among these reasons have been listed above

However, there are possible solutions to aid achieving your goals in the incoming year (2018)..

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