Sell your junks and make money online at

Sell your junks and make money online at

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Waste management in Nigeria and probably in the whole of Africa is usually nothing to write home about. is one startup that intends to change this narrative starting with Nigeria. Launched on August 10, 2017, Bradley Yarrow (Founder) leads in its quest to add value to junks by giving people the opportunity to sell them instead of just discarding them anywhere and caring less.


The startup deals with varieties of junks. They cut across electronics, books, plastic, to aluminium, metals and clothes. After buying these scraps from individuals, the startup sells them to wholesalers and recycling companies. Based in Port Harcourt, operates an open market — which is less competitive — and a low-risk model.

Bradley yarrow, Nwene Etitinwo, Nwenedah Dokubo, Justice Nwuke are currently the 4-man team championing this course. For end-users, it’s a seamless way to make some extra cash and for the startup itself, asides the revenue obtained from the value these junks can proffer, Bradley says is helping to actualise their goal of having a greener and neater Nigeria.

You may visit the website to discover more about this startup.


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