Why you should offer free services

Why you should offer free services

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The problem is not there is no jobs or neither there is no skillers but you can’t be trusted in the first glance. If you have skills and you don’t have job, then something is wrong somewhere. Some people can write very well, that is a skill. You are outspoken, that is a skill. You can solve technical problems… That is a skill. The point is we all have a skill either small or big, inbuilt or developed.. Yes… You have a skill. After we wrote about the three typists with Prof. Yemi Osibanjo , we discovered that many people actually want to work but there is a problem..

And you still don’t have job or you are not just doing something for a living? I have a secret for you.

I once asked a young lady, why are you not working and she said no job. And I told her there is a job and she was at where? And I told her where she last applied for job. She was like hoorhoor.. that place, I applied as a social media consultant there and they said they don’t need that for now. I smile and I told her she should go back to the place and tell the management she will do it for free.

She was just looking at me as if she should cut my head. You mean I should do it for free?  I said yes.

After many struggling with herself, she went back after some months when she can’t find any job. Some demands actually came before then for social media hack for the little company and they have invited people for the position but they did not invite the lady. But fortunately for her, she went there before the interview and met the man that told her in the first place that there is no need for social media job and she told her she will do it for free. The man too was like, you mean you will do it for free?

And she said yes and the man took her to the management but they were all surprised. And they decided that instead of calling for interview again, they will just employ her and she will be paid on their budget.

You see, people actually love the free thing. Because for someone to offer a service free, they believe you actually know you bits. I have offered several free services that in turn pays me directly or indirectly.

So, instead of you sitting at home looking for those companies to call you, why don’t you kuku take a bold step and tell them you will offer them free service.It may sound strange to them, it won’t be easy for you but they will not act dumb too. I believe even if they don’t have jobs, they will create one for you.

Of course, I know you will tell me even in free town, there is no free lunch. Yes, that is why your free service will pay off because the company taking you understand too.

You can send emails to companies that you are interested in and offer them free service. There is no crime in trying…

These are some free services you can offer and they will pay off:

  • Social Media Agent
  • Web Development (I have done this severally and it pays off)
  • Content Writing
  • Idea dishing
  • Singer Backup
  • Instrumentation
  • Editing
  • And so many things.

So,don’t wait, just take action and you will see it will pay off. I

If you have a testimony of where you offered free service and it pays off, you can share with us.

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