The moment WhatsApp was down, see what happened

The moment WhatsApp was down, see what happened

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Of course it is not a news again that almighty WhatsApp, a mobile messaging platform was down for close an hour. According to speculations, the online messaging giant was reportedly undergo some technical maintenance and upgrade.

According to reports, users was unable to chat with friends and families though the app did not look broken as other features like contacts were working perfectly. But the moment the chat is initiated, the app will continue to connect recursively.

Several users would have passed through many things as what could have happened. These are what happened to some users across the world.

Some users will throw their phones away:

Some people are impatient and they are not tech savvy. So, immediately they see that they can’t chat for close to 40mins, they may decide to throw their phones away or send it to technician to check for them.

Businesses will be halt

There are some online businesses that solely depend on WhatsApp and immediately it was down, those businesses may come to standstill too. Since no chats was going through either to individual or group, those businesses relying on WhatsApp for communication will be on hold and this may lead to loosing  of some money or contracts.

Other Messaging platforms will be laughing

Of course, WhatsApp is still the most widely used mobile messaging platform across the globe. The cross platform app has really dominated the instant messaging market. Other competitors in the market will be like whao! let’s utilize the downtime of Whatsapp to our advantage. There is no way Whatsapp will not loose one user to any of the competitors.

What other things do you think happened during the WhatsApp downtime, share in the comment box.

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