Be Inspired! Meet the CEO of Restartnaija, a popular political platform in Nigeria.

Be Inspired! Meet the CEO of Restartnaija, a popular political platform in Nigeria.

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Restartnaija has been a unique platform and one of the most beautiful places for quality information that pertain to Nigeria’s socio- economic issues. It researches wide and deep to clarify issues on Nigeria’s socio-economic realities.

Mr. Chukwunwike Enekwechi, who declined the CEO title, took us through what Restartnaija is all about, the problems they are solving and gave a unique motivation to upcoming startuppers.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (OH, Stackpreneur): Tell us what you were thinking when you named your startup Restartnaija.

Chukwunwike Enekwech (CH):  I believed that the style of governance we have in Nigeria is unclear, even to the government officials. The structure was imposed by colonial masters, and it is still confusing to Nigerians today. Hence, I thought my line of work will aim at drawing Nigerians back to the drawing board, so we can renegotiate and forge a better path for ourselves.

Hence, RestartNaija is an enlightenment outfit for social reorganization of Nigeria.

OH, Stackpreneur:  You said an enlightenment outfit for social reorganisation of Nigeria. Then, how does this become a problem restartnaija is solving?

CH, Restartnaja: Very good thank you so much. The different manifestation of crisis and unproductivity in Nigeria do not just start on its own. Every problem has a cause, and before you can solve a problem, you may require to know the cause of the problem.

Hence, RestartNaija is an enlightenment outfit that researches on the root causes of Nigeria’s socio-economic problems. From the results of this research, we make recommendations for a better Nigeria.

Discovering the cause of a problem is usually the first step towards solving a problem, like lab scientists search to find the main disease that cause the manifestation of many other symptoms. If you do not find the cause of the symptoms and only treat the symptoms, the main cause will keep multiplying the symptoms.

OH, Stackpreneur:  Whao! This is a great hack that Nigerians really need now. But how is Restartnaija able to solve this critical problem? Bearing in mind that the problems are grass root base.

CH, Restartnaja: RestartNaija did not solve the problem. RestartNaija is doing the work of a lab scientist, that seeks out the root causes of Nigeria’s socio-economic problems. It is still at the level of researching and disclosing the fundamental problems with the socio- economic structure of Nigeria.

Most of the researches are still theoretical at the moment. But after building a good theoretical framework, RestartNaija hopes to engage people in the grassroots for deeper insights and enlightenment on the possibility of a better Nigeria.

So far, the working theory is that Nigerians have never agreed, or been given the opportunity to agree, what Nigeria is. The different ethnic communities that form Nigeria continue to clash against one another in this union that lacks grassroot agreement. The bible states that two cannot walk unless they agree (Amos 3:3). If two cannot walk unless they agree, more than 250 ethnic communities in Nigeria cannot collaborate for progress unless they agree.

OH, Stackpreneur: Amazing! Though it is a bulk of work. As a startup, how are you using technology as a tool to tackle your researches and getting to the solutions?

CH, Restartnaija: We are in the technology era, and loads of information are transferred to millions of people all over the world with technology. So, we utilize the internet for some of our researches in addition to other hard materials. Also we utilize the internet for disseminating the results of our research for wider reach.

OH, Stackpreneur: That is great. What is your advise to young people trying to startup too but thinking it can’t be possible?

CH, Restartnaija: My friends, it is not easy to start up any good thing. My advise is to locate the passions first and the problem you wish to solve in the human society. Once you have been able to rightly locate the field in which your passion and disposition fit, give in all you can. The money will not come quickly, until you have marked yourself out in that field with your passion and consistently improved skills.

My friends, it is not easy to start up any good thing. My advise is to locate the passions first and the problem you wish to solve in the human society.. Chukwunwike Enekwech

OH, Stackpreneur: That is a great motivation to the world… Don’t mind Hephzibah, he always jump protocols.. Who is the CEO of Restartnaija?

CH, Restartnaija:  Hehehehehe CEO ke? Abegi [please] we have facilitators. And the first facilitator is Mr. Chukwunwike Enekwechi. 

OH, Stackpreneur: See humility… Who is Mr. Chukwunwike Enekwechi?

CH, Restartnaija: Mr Chukwunwike Enekwechi majored in political philosophy from the University of Ibadan. He is a writer in different genres, an educator, a political analyst and producer.

OH, Stackpreneur: To know more about Restartnaija, visit their website for more information Thank you sir for your time, hope when we call you next time, we will always be welcomed.

CH, Restartnaija: Sure thank you too.

Well well well, you have to get up and make a move now. What you don’t do, the world will not know. Solve a problem today and be known for excellence.

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