Graduates are unemployable and lack basic skills needed at work, Jaiyeola Ayodeji David co-Founder

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Unemployment in Nigeria is one of the major challenges facing the Nation. Many unemployed graduates roaming around the street looking for not available jobs or jobs reserved for the highly skilled ones. which is a brand new startup in the recruitment sector has seen where the problems lie and have a big plan to bridge the gap by simply solving the problem of graduates not being unemployable. In this chat with Jaiyeola Ayodeji, the founder of, he gave solutions to the problem of graduates being unemployable.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (stackpreneur): is a new startup in the Nigeria’s startup scene. What is really going on there?

Jaiyeola Ayodeji ( Well, there is a gap and my co-founder and I had a discussion before he joined in on it. It needs to be filled and Worka is working on that.

Graduates should expect to see a platform that enables them towards employment or a meaningful means of livelihood in ways that Worka can.


Oluwaseun Hephzibah (stackpreneur): You mean despite the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria and bad workplace culture, Worka still have a gap to fill? Then can you enlighten us more?

Jaiyeola Ayodeji (  The issue about employment has mostly been about the graduates being unemployable and lacking basic skills needed at work. We have created a platform that will test these candidates and also train them. And there are jobs, we know where to find it☺

The issue about employment has mostly been about the graduates being unemployable and lacking basic skills needed at work.. Jaiyeola Ayodeji, Founder

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (stackpreneur): Whao! what brought about Worka? That is a unique name and I believe there should be a story surrounding it.

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Jaiyeola Ayodeji ( I wanted a name people can easily remember, something not really hard type in a browser and search for online. We want to get people employed which is our mantra, the name Worka came about…

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (stackpreneur): Hmm! That is a hack.. What expertise do you and your co-founder combined to make Worka live?

Jaiyeola Ayodeji ( I have experience in marketing and communications, my co-founder is a developer. I also worked at a recruitment company for close to 3 years.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (stackpreneur): This is sweet. Can you kindly tell us your little experience at the recruitment company?

Jaiyeola Ayodeji (  I worked at a recruitment firm for over a 2 years, one of the biggest in West Africa (Jobberman Limited) and my time there revealed a lot of things to me. I was in charge of Events and Partnership and I was at several job related events, I planned, partnered and participated in up 100 events in 30 months.

My time there had a lot of useful experiences that I am tapping into at the moment.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (stackpreneur): This is a great opportunity for worka. Does that means you will encourage startuppers like you to have experience in the related companies of their dream before starting?

Jaiyeola Ayodeji ( Well, I think if you can, get the needed to run your start up. I had a mind of starting a company before joining Jobberman and my time there shaped the kind of tech company I would eventually start.

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You can always start out and bring on board people with the right expertise for the business to grow.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (stackpreneur): Since launch, how has worka doing? And how will you encourage the up coming startuppers to join in the disruption of Africa?

Jaiyeola Ayodeji ( Worka is in its beta testing stage, we are having conversations around a proper marketing campaign because we have a target before the end of January. We laugh at the end of the month.

I will encourage people to go after value, this is one of the easy ways to disrupt. Value pays.

I will encourage people to go after value, this is one of the easy ways to disrupt. Value pays… Jaiyeola Ayodeji, Founder

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (stackpreneur): Who are the founder and co-founder of worka?

Jaiyeola Ayodeji ( Founder: Jaiyeola Ayodeji David and Co-founder : Chris Nwasike

                                                               Jaiyeola Ayodeji David, Founder

Jaiyeola Ayodeji David is an experienced project and marketing consultant with over 6 years in marketing consulting, events management and business development, he currently runs his own companies and, also handles marketing consulting for a few other firms who wants to expand or target new markets.

Chris Nwasike got his first technological experience with PC repairs. From there he went into networking and then in order to consolidate his knowledge he went ahead to do his Masters in Computer Science in UNIZIK. While studying he started a few now defunct companies and then moved back to Lagos and joined Worka Nigeria as co-founder and CTO.

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                                                                Chris Nwasike, Co-founder

My interest in ICT motivated me to change my career line from construction. Over time I have moved from PC repairs to networking, from CorelDraw to Photoshop graphic design and now  my focus is on creating value via web projects. Now I am a Full Stack LAMP developer with over  10 years’ experience and expertise building modern web applications using the latest back-end  and front-end technology via contracts and freelancing. I am always excited to join a team that  loves their work as much as I do because it affords the opportunity to work on interesting projects.

Oluwaseun Hephzibah (stackpreneur): Hoping to take s tour to your office next year and you can tell us more stories. We wish you good success.

Jaiyeola Ayodeji ( When we fully settle in, sure thing.

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